Redeeming access coupons

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When someone has sent you a gift coupon for a 2MYNDS bundle, you can redeem it online as a regular discount coupon. This means you go to the page of the bundle you would like to get access to, you add it to your cart, and you add the gift coupon as a discount code (the discount will be 100% and you will be able to get access for free.

Steps to redeem coupons #

Go to the website and find the GROW or PRO bundles. You’ll see links to them on the home page. Click the bundle you need, for example the GROW your Tennis bundle:  

Add the desired (GROW or PRO) bundle to the cart by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button. You can only add one, because only one bundle can be associated with your account (you will be asked to create it, see point #4).

On the next page, fill out your gift coupon code in the box on the left (see the arrow below) and click ‘Apply Coupon’. If the coupon is valid, you will see that 100% discount is applied in the ‘Cart Totals’ box and your total will be $0.

Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and fill out the billing details on the checkout page. You will also be asked to create a username and password. We maintain a high-security site and ask all users to use medium to difficult passwords.

Finally, click ‘Place Order’ and you will be redirected to your own 2Mynds Dashboard.

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