The gift of 2Mynds access

Create gift coupons to give GROW or PRO (coming soon) access to others.


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Would you like to help someone with their mental fitness? Give them 2Mynds access! Select a bundle (currently only GROW), add it to your cart, and upon payment, you can designate how you’d like to give your gift. You can either receive an access code yourself or you can designate the name and email address of the person you’d like to make happy. We’ll make sure to add a ribbon to the email!

The GROW bundles are the most complete introductory resources for mental skill development in athletes that you will find online. It has evolved into what you see in front of you and has helped many tennis players with calming themselves under pressure, being able to control body tension, adjusting tactics efficiently, and switching between internal and external flows.

If you are really serious and want to dive in beyond the basics, consider going with the PRO bundles instead. PRO access gives you everything in GROW, plus all the advanced test-study-train-apply resources. The PRO content is currently being redesigned so this is not a gift option for the moment.