PRO Parents

Multiweek | Not only learn how to help your child but also work on your own mental skills for sports and for being a parent in sports.

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The PRO bundle for parents is a combination of the GROW bundle for parents and all general sports resources that we have in the 2Mynds for Sports program. This means users of this bundle can work on their own mental skills in depth, as a parent, but also as an athlete themselves. Just like the general PRO Sports bundle, all general test-learn-train-apply resources will be unlocked.

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Here is a short list of what will be unlocked with the PRO Parents bundle:

  1. The GROW parents program and related content,
  2. More than six types of self-assessments, including reporting and planning tools,
  3. Eight or more e-learning programs, totaling over forty-five units,
  4. More than one hundred workouts, detailed workout plans, and an exercise library,
  5. Video channels with application videos by activity (Intro, Sports, and Parent Channels),
  6. Eligibility for online personal coaching sessions (which we only do with PRO users).