PRO Tennis

Multiweek | This is a complete test-learn-train-apply bundle for tennis players who would like to optimize their performance on the court.


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Unlock your mental fitness potential for your tennis game with the PRO Tennis bundle. There is incredible depth to the 2Mynds materials and with the PRO tennis bundle, you get access to it all, including the tennis-specific GROW your Tennis program. You will also unlock all the videos on the Tennis Channel. Customize the way you go through the materials, adjusting to your needs and interests, and become more aware, more present, and more mentally fit on the tennis court!

The PRO bundles (we have others as well) all give two years of access to self-assessments, e-learning programs that cover all the concepts in mental fitness, all workouts, and all application channels with the full series of videos that show how knowledge and skills can be transferred to functional situations and routines in your sport. This content will benefit you for years and most likely you will continue to do some of the exercises we will teach you. Mental fitness is a life-long process, not a bunch of tricks that you learn from good advice or a series of videos.

Although it’s hard to summarize what you unlock with PRO Tennis (and it changes as we continue to expand), here is a shortlist:

  1. Sport-specific fundamentals program for tennis players (from the GROW bundle),
  2. More than six types of self-assessments, including reporting and planning tools,
  3. Eight or more (depending on your role) advanced e-learning programs, totaling over forty-five units,
  4. More than one hundred workouts, divided over multiple workout plans,
  5. Video channels with application videos by activity (Intro and Tennis Channels),
  6. Eligibility for advanced online personal coaching sessions (which we only do with PRO users).